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Vitomir Maricic

Formally educated as a photographer, growing from travel, studio, landscape, street, portrait, to event, industrial, exhibition and video, Vitomir collected experience delivering commercial content on the road, while producing festival awarded photos and films for pleasure. Teaming up with Vladimir to produce climbing films and expedition documentaries, opened up the up-vertical potential for production, while following his passion and work as an elite freediver, he ventured into the depths exploring UW digital potential.


Vladimir Soic

Revolving around rocks and climbing, naturally Vladimir went into filming rock climbing lines, underlined with music. His musical background gave him his signature sound and joining Vitomir to remote expeditions opened him up for photography, where he found himself making signature light edits in obscure context. As his appetites in video grew, he explored advanced editing and mastered modern animation techniques and video special effects. Of course, it was a matter of time when this climber would go airborne.